Lady of Paint Creek”
A visually stunning piece, this short film focuses on light and shadow, with some great shots illuminated by candlelight. There are no words, but a powerful story is told through music and the the power of facial expressions.

This Claymation film took an exhausting amount of effort. Going far beyond any of the clay creations you might remember from your childhood, this one also makes use of impressive effects.
— Molly Horan, Female Rising Star Finalists - Refinery 29
Salingaros demonstrates phenomenal talent with a beautifully shot documentary that tells an interesting story, set to a gorgeous professional-sounding score she wrote and produced herself.
— Mike Saulters, SXSW 2015 Shorts Preview
Steadily shot and succinctly edited, KERS is a quick portrait of a female graffiti artist.
— Chad Liffmann, SFIFF58 Spotlight - Youth Works
Alexia Salingaros is a high school student who is an aspiring film maker who won this years and last year’s [Can’t Beat Love] film festival.
— WOAI News 4 San Antonio
The short film, for Salingaros, was a testament to the courage of her friend, a young woman in the male dominated world of graffiti art.
— Nathan Cone, Texas Public Radio
For their film “Evolution,” sisters Alexia and Sophia Salingaros collaborated with classmates in their drawing and design class and digital cinema class to create a hand-drawn animation featuring animals morphing into different species.
— Kiko Martinez, San Antonio Express News